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The TalkSystem allows you to communicate in multiple languages simultaneously. It is the only simultaneous language translation equipment that allows everyone to hear the same message at the same time, no matter what language they speak, without a soundbooth!

The TalkSystem is ideal for any meeting requiring language translation services:

  • Business seminars or conferences with multilingual participants

  • Marketing and sales

  • Parent-teacher or school board meetings where parents have limited English skills

  • Community or neighborhood gatherings

  • Courtrooms and depositions

  • Employee training or other job-related situations

  • Health professions

  • All ESL applications

The TalkSystem can also be used for:

  • Single - Language communication

  • Simultaneous translation equipment for multiple languages software users.

  • Law Enforcement and Military: quiet and private communication

  • Hi-Noise environments: worksites, factories, sporting events, airports

  • Special groups, e.g., hunters

  • Assistive Listening Device (ALD) for the Hard of Hearing (HOH): allows listeners to hear any speaker clearly, without interference. Other specialized equipment for the HOH is also available

(For More Information click here: TalkSystems)

To see a TalkSystem Demonstration Video, click here:  

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The Sylencer/Stenomask, while part of the TalkSystem, is also sold separately for use with other recording or voice transmitter equipment. It is ideal for anyone requiring privacy, voice silencing or noise-reduction communication.

The Sylencer/Stenomask is currently used by:

  • Court Stenographers for verbatim recording of court proceedings.

  • Interpreters for simultaneous language translation.

  • Police and military personnel for communicating quietly and privately.

  • Job trainers and supervisors in noisy work environments.

  • Speech recognition software users.

  • Investigators, reporters, physicians, researchers, students, secretaries, insurance agents and others for recording their notes quietly and privately -- in any location.

(For More Information click here: Sylencer®)


A Revolutionary Breakthrough in Microphone Technology

for Speech Recognition


The new SmartMic technology (patents pending) will revolutionize speech recognition accuracy for mask users.  Now you can even whisper and still achieve accurate results.  Every voice is different and the SmartMic allows you to simply tune the microphone to your voice to obtain maximum accuracy by perfectly matching the speech recognition requirements.


This microphone circuit does not just amplify sound.  It's unique technology actually enhances audio qualities allowing for vocal input levels within virtually any range. 


(For more information click here:  Sylencer® SmartMic ™)

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Every TalkSystem is backed
by a 5 year warranty.

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Phone: 1.888.811.9944 (toll free)
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LAUSD Inquiries call: 1.866.400.3542 (toll free)


Phone: 1.888.811.9944 (toll free)

Fax: 1.866.811.9944 (toll free)
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Please see our Downloads and Products pages for additional information on the Sylencer and TalkSystem.


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